Cottage Pie

I was inspired by a friend posting their Twice Baked Potato and Ground Beef Pie to create my own home made shepherd's pie. In researching a few recipes online, I found out if you use beef then it is not a shepherd's pie! The term "shepherd's pie" should be used when the meat is mutton or lamb, as the origin of the name being that shepherds are concerned with sheep and not cattle. If you are going with beef it's known as Cottage Pie, so without further adieu, here is my Cottage Pie recipe..



Step 1: 
In one bowl mix left over mashed potatoes with grated cheese

Step 2:
In a separate bowl (or dish you are cooking in) mix together..
  • approx. 1 pound of ground beef 
  • 1 egg 
  • bread crumbs 
  • Worcestershire sauce 
  • garlic powder or minced garlic 
  • dried onion
  • salt 
  • fresh ground pepper
  • approx. 1 cup of frozen corn 

Step 3:
Top with mashed potato mixture

Step 4:
Baked at 375 for approx. 1 hour

Step 5:
Serve as is, or top with extra cheese or I topped with Strub's onion crunch

Family Thoughts: 



The kids thought it was *okay*, at their age they do not like so much mixed together.  Hubby and I absolutely love it, I think the corn really helps to keep the meat mixture loose, so it doesn't feel like you are eating a huge chunk of meat.  The potatoes are so delicious with the cheese.  Hubby enjoyed the left overs for lunch the next day as well.  Will be making this one again and again!


  1. What a great assortment of recipes you have. Thanks for sharing them with your readers.

  2. this looks interesting. Will def be trying it.

  3. Love your recipe section, thanks for having a great blog to add to my daily reads!

  4. Nice to see someone calling it by it's correct name. Most people would've called this a Shepherd's PIe.

  5. Thanks for your great recipe of cottage pie.It's one of my favorites and I will definitely be trying this one.

  6. what a recipe for a day that you need comfort food, yum

  7. Definite comfort food territory thanks for the recipe

  8. I would love to give this a try. It sounds so good. I hope my family loves it.

  9. I'll have to try this, it sounds good. Think I might add some diced fresh onions to mine instead of the dried ones. :-)

  10. This sounds so good!! My family will love this when I make it.We love shepherd's pie and this is sort of similar to that but the cheese gives it the splendid twist.Yummy!


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