Creamy Garlic and Parmesan Rice

I love rice, and I'm sure I will be introducing you to many rice recipes on here. The first one is actually my newest find, it's got a great taste, it tastes exactly how I was hoping it would, if that makes sense. ;-)

Original Recipe:

I found a great picture of this through Pinterest, which lead me to the recipe on

Our Changes:

I followed the directions exactly, using one of those boxes of chicken broth has exactly 4 cups in it, so that was easy. But the next time I make this recipe I will be using slightly less rice as I didn't feel some of the rice got cooked well enough.

Family Thoughts: 


The taste was perfect, light but flavourful and a perfect side dish. What I did not like, was that for every bite of tasty warm rice, there was always a crunchy bit in there that shouldn't have been. Though I followed the directions exactly, I don't think this makes quiet enough sauce for the rice, or maybe it needed to be stirred more often so all the rice had a chance to absorb the sauce. Next time I make it, as I said, I will be using a little less rice in hopes of not ending up with those crunchy bits (I will let you know how it goes!).


  1. Crunchy bits are no good ;) I will have to try out this recipe!

  2. This looks so delish!!! Would be perfect with a ham or pork chop as a side! A total must try!

  3. garlic & parmesan? great combo.

  4. a good mix for me :-) I think I might add some chicken breast I broccoli pieces to it when it's finished and then I'll have a great meal. Thanks for the warning of the crunchy bits, I'll try to avoid those.


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