Fruit Smoothies

A favourite for breakfast, a cool afternoon treat or a late night drink while watching a movie, fruit smoothies are perfect any time!

We like to make them in the morning before school, the kids make their own and get to put in whatever they want! There are a million different ways to make a smoothie, here is what we do..


Because we like to make our own we use separate glasses and the magic bullet. You can also make one large batch in the blender.

  • ice
  • juice (we use orange juice or lemonade - I like lemonade best)
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • banana

blend and serve!

Family Thoughts: 

This is great because the kids can be involved adding their own fruit how they want it, it's healthy, yummy and perfect on a hot day!


  1. YUM! I've never tried a lemonade base, I will have to do that!

  2. Sounds very healthy and yummy!

  3. Love smoothies, we always add almond milk & yogurt to ours


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