BBQ Corn

This is a quick one to let you know a yummy way I did corn the other day. I've tried BBQ Corn before, but that time we soaked the corn in the husks and put the husks directly on the grill. Here's what I did this time..


Step 1:
Husk corn completely and soak in water for at least 2 hours.

Step 2:
Spread some butter and sprinkle some salt on each cob, wrap each cob completely in tin foil.

Step 3:
BBQ for 30 minutes and serve.

Family Thoughts:

Everyone thought this was really yummy. Kids weren't sure about the darkened parts but I loved them all. A very different corn taste than when you boil them. I love that it's "pre" buttered, less work to serve!


  1. Hey Canadian Moms Cook
    I always cook my corn in the husk. I don't soak it first either. Just put it on, wait 5 minutes, give it a quarter turn, wait 5.... and so on. Turns out yummy.

  2. I leave the husks on mine too. It's a bit harder to shuck them off the hot grill, but I find they have a "cornier" taste. Also, the water soak is an important step because the water trapped in the kernels steams on the grill and helps cook the corn.

  3. Yes, as I said, we like it in the husks too, especially over a camp fire! I did find this a very quick serve which was really nice and very tasty!

  4. We like to BBQ asparagus too. Boil first to soften it up and then throw it on the BBQ for a couple of minutes. Yummy!

  5. Mmmm....never had corn done on the BBQ, so going to do this :)

  6. I love corn on the bbq, it does give it a different taste!


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