Fried Rice

This recipe is from my Gramma and a favourite of mine. It can be a side dish or a whole meal and serving it to friends will be a big hit!


Step 1:
Either make 6 cups of cooked white rice to start, make it earlier in the day, the night before or reduce the recipe and use left overs. I use minute rice but any white rice can be used.

Step 2:

Add the cooked rice and about 1 tablespoon of oil to a large pan, easiest if you have a wok.

Step 3:
Once rice is heated through, add enough soy sauce to coat the rice, or more or less depending on your tastes.

Step 4:
Once rice is coated in soy sauce add your choice of veggie; corn, peas and beans and green onions all work great. I went with corn and green onions.

Step 5:
Optionally you can add cooked meat like chicken, bacon or shrimp, perfect to make this a main dish!

Step 6:

Create a well in the middle of the pan, whisk 3-5 eggs in a dish with salt and pepper.

Step 7:

Pour the eggs into your well, allowing them to cook but slowing moving than around like making scrambled eggs.

Step 8:
As the eggs cook gradually incorporate the eggs into the rice.

Step 9:
Make sure the eggs are cooked through and serve!

Family Thoughts: 

Hubby and I LOVE this dish, kiddos think it's *okay*. Makes for awesome lunch the next day too!!


  1. I fry garlic and sometimes onions before I add the rice and soy sauce. Much more flavourful.

  2. Yummy! Trying this tomorrow! Thanks:)

  3. Love fried rice, I often dice up whatever veggies I have in the fridge and add it!

  4. I love fried rice too and often throw in what ever left over meat I have, love having green onions in it too.

  5. I love fried rice & throw in what ever left over meat I have,green onions,pepper and chopped veggies


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