Fun Food Friday: Kids and Their Veggies

Through experience, we have noticed that whenever we give our children control over part or all of a meal that they are more likely to eat whatever it is they helped to prepare! This theory held true with raw veggies the other day!

My 7 year old daughter LOVES raw veggies, she is a little rabbit, which is wonderful!

My 3.5 year old son is a rather picky eater and he has yet to not gag when he attempts to eat raw veggies.

The other day, my daughter saw some raw beans and cucumbers that I had prepared and put into bowls for dinner. She asked me she could rearrange them on a plate.

Here is what she came up with:

No sooner had she finished, my son noticed what she had done and asked if he could do the same. ABSOLUTELY! He was expressing an interest in even touching raw veggies, I was all for him laying them out in whatever way he pleased.

Here is his creation:

How cute is that?!

So at dinner, I asked him if he was going to try to eat his bean and cucumber person and do you know what?! For the first time EVER, he picked up a cucumber and ate it! He actually ate a raw cucumber. He didn't finish it and he did start to gag at the end, but he did it!

I was one proud Mama!

How much FUN are those cucumber and bean people?!


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