Homemade Hamburger Helper

I've made Homemade Hamburger Helper before, but didn't love how it tasted. However the concept of making hamburger helper without all of the chemicals is something that I wanted to master. When I came across the recipe over at a friend's blog, I was all over it! I immediately went out and bought all of the ingredients and planned to have it that night. After all, it was a skating night and we needed something quick and easy for dinner.

Original Recipe:

This recipe was featured on Genuine Jenn, a food blog that is well worth checking out in my opinion! Jennifer features wonderful meal plans, recipes and food posts!

The ingredients are simply including ground beef, water, milk, pasta, cheese and a few spices.

Our Changes:

This recipe calls for 1 Tbsp of chilli powder and my children do not love spice, so I cut this amount down significantly, possibly a bit too much!

Other than that one change, I made the recipe "as is".

Family Thoughts:

The family loved this recipe.

I love it because it was SO easy to make as a "one pot meal". I actually made it during the afternoon, cooled it off a bit in the pot and placed it right in the fridge to be heated up for dinner. Such easy clean up too!

My kids enjoyed this meal and after convincing my pickly little 3 year old eater to try it out, he ate his whole plate.

I am also happy to say that my husband quite enjoyed this meal too. Traditional Hamburger Helper used to be one of his staples when he was younger, so has always enjoyed this type of a meal.


  1. we make homemade hamburger helper often..so much better than the boxed stuff! Thanks for sharing! I'll check out the recipe and maybe use it to tweak my own. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for your comment, Savannah! We appreciate you stopping by.

  3. I am happy you and your family enjoyed. I play with the spices also. Adding different types is fun. :)

  4. I think next time I will play a bit more with the spices and add some corn!

  5. Thanks for the great reminder. I had forgotten all about the Marvelous Mommy Meals site! Bookmarking it now so I don't forget again!

  6. I also bookmarked this a few months back as it was delicious but now the link doesn't work!! Do you still have the recipe to share?

    1. Oh dear, Lisane - thank you SO much for letting us know! We will get on this right away.

  7. Thanks for sharing, we don't like the taste of hamburger helper either so I will try out this recipe!

  8. I have not had Hamburger Helper in years. Partly because it is not something I think about buying, unless they have those "free coupons" on the box for ground beef or fresh veggies. But I love it! I will give your recipe a try the next time I am wondering what to do with ground beef!

  9. awesome!! my husband LOVES hamburger helper :) definitely trying this out

  10. I think all my family would love this Hamburger Helper recipe from Genuine Jenn. I have already saved it so I can pull it up and make it. Thanks for this recipe.


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