Potato Gratin Cups

I admit I am not a lover of scalloped potatoes and things like that.  I think because my Gramma made them very watery and kinda tasteless and it really turned me off.  So I wasn't too sure about these, but would love a few different ways to introduce potatoes to my family.

Original Recipe:

Found on The Spohrs are Multipling, she shares a lot of fun recipes that are handed down from her family.

Our Changes:


I used yellow potatoes and just used marble cheese, but we followed the steps word for word.

Family Thoughts:


A huge hit!  Even the kids liked these yummy potatoes dripping in cheese.  I adored them and shared a couple with my Mom, she says I am on potato duty at family dinners now.  :-)  So quick, easy and tasty, we will be making these again and again!


  1. They look great, will give this recipe a try!

  2. Oh boy I can see these being a hit at our family get togethers.We all love poutine(potatoes and cheese0 so these are going to go well with our pallettes.Thanks so much and they are simple to make too.

  3. These will definitely be a huge success in this household, we're all into this sort of thing melt in your mouth delicious, yummy :-)


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