Fun Food Friday: Rainbow Olympic Rings from @EatingaRainbow

It's Olympic Time and what better way to celebrate with your children than to make a fun, healthy snack!

Kia from Today I Ate a Rainbow is seriously one of my most favourite people! Why? Well, there are many reasons, but one of them is that she has helped me convince my son that eating fruits and veggies is fun!

On the first day of the Olympics, I noticed Kia had posted this picture on her blog:

How much fun are those colourful and healthy Olympic Rings?

If you have young children, I highly encourage you to check out Today I Ate a Rainbow. They have the most fun Rainbow Kits for kids to help them learn about healthy eating and to encourage them to make healthy choices. The Rainbow Kit has changed my son's life! Thank you so much, Kia!


  1. That is so cute! Very awesome. It does help to convince kids to eat their healthy foods when it is presented in a fun way! I look forward to when I have kids of my own and I can make use of this company!


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