Pita Chips & Olive & Olives 8 Hojiblanca

Pita Chips are a perfect addition to lunch, dinner, party food and more! We use them with cheese and meat type lunch, salads, for dipping and more. While making some chips for lunch today we also tried out Olive & Olives 8 Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil, see how it went..


  • 1 bag of pitas
  • approx 1/2C of extra virgin olive oil like Olive & Olives 8 Hojiblanca
  • approx 1t oregano
  • approx 1t garlic powder
  • (get creative with the spices; red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, onion flakes, a bit of balsamic vinegar, lots of ideas!)
Step 1:
Make your sauce: oil & spices

Step 2:
Cut your pitas into triangles

Step 3:
"Paint" the sauce on the pitas, best to have a little helper for this one :)

Step 4:
Bake at 350 for approx 5-7 minutes, it really depends on if you want them soft or crispy - serve hot

Olive & Olives 8 Hojiblanca:

Enjoyed using our new bottle of Olive & Olives 8 Hojiblanca, I found it to have a very strong flavour (in a good way), much stronger than other extra virgin olive oils I've purchased, it's really a very fresh taste.  It features fresh tomato aromas and a note of young artichoke, the oils come from the hojiblanca, a variety of olives grown in the Estepa region of southern Spain, which has its own registered designation of origin, the D.O.P. Estepa. This accreditation is part of 27 registered designations of origin for olive oil that guarantees the highest standards of production, just like that for wine.  I look forward to using this full flavoured oil in more recipes soon!

Family Thoughts:

Kids love this, Mom and Dad love this, it's perfect for a party, you can't go wrong.  Easy to make everyone happy by using different spices as well!

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