Almond Milk Smoothie with @Almond_Fresh #AlmondFresh

We are HUGE smoothie drinkers in our house. My kids and I love to drink them for breakfast, lunch and snacks!

As far as ingredients go, I typically make up my smoothies as I go along, but one thing that I never leave out is the Almond Milk.

I have recently been introduced to a brand of Almond Milk called Almond Fresh. They were set up at the Shes Connected Conference and I was lucky enough to be able to sample a few of their flavours. I also chatted with them about the difference between the packaging of their refrigerated products vs shelf products and was reassured that no option was safer than another.

Stay tuned this upcoming Holiday Season for a yummy new flavour: Almond Fresh Noel Nog!

Almond Fresh Smoothie Recipe

  • Almond Fresh beverage, flavour of your choice
  • plain greek yogurt
  • washed baby spinach
  • banana
  • fresh or frozen berries

We don't have specific measurements because in all truth, when making a smoothie, measurements don't matter. Also, everyone's blender is a different size and we wouldn't want to be held responsible for a blender blow out!

We typically pour in enough Almond Fresh to cover the blades by approximately 1-2 inches.

We put in a couple of large spoonfuls of greek yogurt.

We use a handful of baby spinach.

We typically use a whole banana, but you can use half or none, if you prefer.

We use a couple of cups worth of berries.

Tip: Don't overfill your blender and make sure you put the liquid ingredients in first as this will help your smoothie blend easier and faster.


  1. Yum! I'd like to make these for my grandkids (and us as well) Super healthy and sounds delicious!

    Thanks for the recipe!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. I have a smoothie for breakfast every morning but so far have been too scared to put spinach in mine!

  3. Love Almond Milk in my smoothies!!

  4. I would not think of putting spinach in a smoothie and I may be convinced to add this vegetable to my smoothie list.

  5. I have started making smoothies and I love them. I haven't made them with Almond milk yet but I plan to after reading your recipe.

  6. Haven't made a smoothie in awhile, the grandkids are coming over later, this would be a nice treat

  7. Great recipe you never know the spinach is there I like to add avacado

  8. I am not much of a spinach person. so I may leave it out. I love smoothies. Thank you for your recipe :)


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