Halloween Hot Dog Mummy

I absolutely love to make special dinners for my kids on Halloween. Last night, I made Halloween Hot Dog Mummies with the idea from Crescent Mummy Dogs on Pillsbury.com.

They turned out rather well and the kids quite enjoyed them!

I used:

They were easy peasy to make!

Next time, I would cut the strips of crescent dough even thinner!
Here is what mine looked like:

Here is what I did:
Step 1:
I rolled out the sheet of Crescent Roll dough and pressed all of the seams together the best that I could.
Step 2:
Using a pizza cutter, I cut thin (should have been thinner) strips length wise.
Step 3:
I used 4 strips per hot dog and rolled each hot dog to look like a Mummy, ensuring that each one had a small place for two mustard eyes.
Step 4:
I baked them at 350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. I did end up jacking the heat to 375 towards the end to speed up the cooking as the kids were getting antsy!


  1. A great recipe for kids.. and adults :). I would like to invite you to our Foodie friends Friday Linky Party that is going on from tonight until Sunday morning... Great Food, Great Bloggers and Great Giveaway... A fun way to spend the weekend.

  2. I like this quick and funny recipe. That will be our cooking project on the Halloween day for Samyra and her friends.

  3. So cute and fun! My kids would love these!

  4. This is a great idea and it fits with the theme so well. Might have to try this.

  5. this really is a brilliant idea and fairly easy to accomplish, I just love it. Elizabeth Matthiesen

  6. My son actually made these for his children this Halloween, however the mustard eyes had to be replaced with ketchup eyes which did spoil the look somewhat ;-)
    Elizabeth Matthiesen


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