What's in your Salad?

I love salad! But not just some lettuce leaves, I like "big" salads with lots of toppings. Here's a salad big enough for a dinner..


  • chopped red onions
  • cubed cheese
  • cubed ham and/or chicken
  • chopped hard boiled egg
  • quick dash of salt & pepper
  • your favourite dressing (I like honey mustard or balsamic)
  • I like a mix of lettuce and spinach

For the Kids: 

My kiddos aren't too big on salad, but with all these yummy chopped up topping it's so easy to make a plate for them!  Great to send for their lunch too.

Family Thoughts:

It's easy to please everyone with salad night, we make a salad bar so everyone can choose their own toppings!  What's in your Salad?


  1. I love making up a salad bar for the family to choose from because no one likes the same toppings

  2. I like cashews, snap peas and baby corn in mine!


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