Sleds in the Snow

I have started my Holiday baking! Have you? Being 8 months pregnant I am not going all out this year, I am going to a cookie exchange party this weekend though so I will have a nice assortment.  Today we made Sleds in the Snow!

Original Recipe

Found on The Knit Wit By Shair, she posts many recipes, I loved all the pictures she included, when I saw how easy it was I had to try it right way!

Our Changes

I left out the nuts as the kids for sure don't like nuts and I'm not too fond of nuts in things either (they are good on their own though!), these bars still worked out perfect!

Family Thoughts

They did not come out of the pan the best, next time I will let them sit for a few minutes first, but they taste amazing!  Plus you cover them with powdered sugar, so it doesn't matter what the top looks like anyways.  A big hit for the Holidays, I will be making more tomorrow and freezing them!


  1. I Have had mine all fall apart when I tried to get them out and letting them sit for a few really does help. My Mom in Law always says she loves how they are always in varied sizes! Ha ha that's why I love her. They come out all battered and broken and she thinks they are the perfect sizes!

  2. loved your comment too Shari. I will have to try these out when I have a little more time., I too don't like nuts in anything but love them on their own - weird eh?

  3. tried these but they sure never looked like yours,may have to make then again tho,very tasty

  4. Nancy J MontgomeryFebruary 5, 2015 at 8:28 PM

    Thanks for the tip to let them sit.


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