We love these crackers, then I had trouble finding the ranch dip in the store, I came upon some and bought 6 packs just so I could make these again, :) There are many recipes about these crackers on the internet, here's mine..


  • 3 sleeves of Saltines (or try an alternative like pretzels!)
  • 1C oil, like vegetable oil
  • 1 envelope of ranch dressing mix
  • 1T garlic powder
  • 2T red pepper flakes (more or less depending on your family's tastes)

Step 1:
Put the sleeves of crackers in a resealable bag, like a ziplock bag.

Step 2:

Mix oil, pepper and garlic power in a separate bowl, pour mix over cracker, gently move the bag around to coat the crackers, then lay flat for 20 minutes.

Step 3:

Flip bag for another 20 minutes, Repeat once or twice more if you don't feel the crackers are completely coated yet.

Family Thoughts: 

So good!!!!!  When you tell folks the recipe, they often say WHAT? That much oil?  The crackers are not an oily texture  once they are ready though, they are just really tasty, trust me!!  A great snack to have on the table at any event, great on their own or with a dip!


  1. What an interesting idea! I'm gluten free so I'm going to try this with rice crackers and see how it goes!

  2. Sounds interesting, will have to try this at some point!

  3. gluten free thanks for posting

  4. Thanks for the post! gonna try it someday

  5. This sounds like a great snack to serve with beer. I'm going to try it, but halve the recipe at first. Thanks!


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