How do you make your perogies?

Some day soon I will share a yummy recipe I found online for making your own perogies from scratch, but today I thought we would chat about how you serve store bought ones.

Last night I made perogies by..
- boiling the perogies
- cooking up bacon and onions
- adding a bit of butter to the bacon/onion pan and adding the drained perogies
- fry them up a bit and serve with sour cream

Other ways I've tried store bought perogies are..
- defrosting them, putting them on an oiled pan in the oven
- defrosting them and frying them
- just boiling

What is your favourite way to cook perogies?  What have you had the best results with?


  1. I have done all ways as well, but now I simply put the frozen ones in a pan with some oil and butter and fry them up!

  2. I make perogies occasionally. And I always boil them first and then fry them up with onions and bacon! I might make some of those tomorrow actually. You inspired me.

  3. I boil them and then quick pan fry with onions. It's the only way for me. Love them

  4. We fry them up with onions and garlic, my kids love them with plain Greek yogurt to dip.


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