Mandarin Restaurant

This weekend we headed to the Mandarin Restaurant for a fun family dinner, our last family dinner before our new little baby arrives this week!

We picked a great time to head to the Mandarin Restaurant, they are currently celebrating Chinese New Years which meant lots of beautiful decorations and some really yummy new dishes in the buffet.  Some of the new items included Thousand Year Old Egg Salad, Goji Berry & Chrysanthemum Jello and Ginger Ice Cream, there was also Chicken Ginseng Soup, Seafood Bird's Nest and Shrimp Balls (LOVED these!).

This was my little guys first time at a buffet and they LOVED it!  First of all, the staff was so friendly and accommodating; with our reservation we were seated right away, brought hot towels to clean our hands (the boys thought this was so cool), got our drinks right away (boys loved the kids cups with closed lids and straws) and were able to head right to this Award-winning, All-you-can-eat buffet.  As all Mom's and Dad's know, the hardest part of heading out to dinner with little ones is waiting for the food to arrive, we should be heading to a buffet every time!  My one little man headed straight for the fruit and desserts first, my other guy had a plate FULL of hot food, and tried everything on it, I was so proud of him for trying so many new tastes!

We also brought my parents with us, and this was the perfect place to bring 3 generations - there's food for everyone to enjoy, even if you aren't in the mood for authentic Chinese food there is a section with prime rib, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, garlic bread and gravy.  There was also delicious grilled chicken, steak and sausage.  A gorgeous soup and salad bar, the hot Chinese food (the ribs, and featured steamed buns and dumplings were my favourite), sushi and so many options for dessert.

During our many trips up to the buffet I was so impressed with the constant restocking of fresh food to every part of the buffet, my guys were especially happy they kept bring out fresh jello cubes to the dessert section..haha..  I also loved how quickly the staff brought you a fresh drink and instead of seeing my little ones as an inconvenience they were chatting with the boys and it was a fantastic atmosphere.

An excellent night out, a fun last dinner to reconnect before we have the craziness of a new baby and I now realize a perfect place to bring a growing family, we will be back soon!

Stay in touch with the Mandarin Restaurant on the web, Facebook and Twitter to learn about their latest promotions.  I mentioned I loved the shrimp balls and the dumplings, do you have a favourite dish from the Mandarin Restaurant?


  1. Sounds great. I've never heard of it before.

  2. Oh my gosh, that buffet looks AMAZING! I am a huge fan of buffet-style dining; it's fun to indulge and eat as much as I want f0or a change and it's a great way of making sure my boys actually eat their meals!

  3. The staff at Mandarin are always so attentive. I can not wait for our visit:)

    When is baby arriving? This week isn't it? I can't wait to see some pictures:)

  4. I used to LOVE the Mandarin when we lived in Ontario. It was an awesome meal!


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