Beefy Nachos

I love nachos, who doesn't? This is a favourite way we make them at home, a nice change up from salsa.

Recipe- Beefy Nachos

  • approx 1/2lbs ground beef, cooked (I buy club packs, brown the whole pack, divide into meal sizes and store in freeze, so I just pull a cooked pack out and defrost for this recipe)
  • approx 2C shredded cheese
  • approx 1/2C chopped green onion
  • 1 bag nacho chips

Step 1
Repeat Layers of nacho chips, ground beef, cheese and green onion in a casserole dish until done

Step 2
Bake at 350 for approx 20 minutes until warmed through and cheese melted

Step 3
Serve hot, with sour cream on the side

Family Thoughts

Everyone loves this dish, an easy warm dish for a crowd!


  1. I love nachos and these sound great

  2. This would be a great dish for "Game Day". Thanks for your post! :)


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