Deviled Eggs

We probably all have eggs on the brain after this past Easter weekend right? I made some deviled eggs to enjoy with our ham dinner, I go very simple, so thought I would share my recipe..


  • 12 hard boiled eggs
  • approx 1/2C miracle whip
  • chopped green onions
  • paprika
  • dash of salt

Step 1
I did the hard boiled eggs using the oven method (so easy!) and then remove the shells from all your eggs

Step 2
Slice eggs in half, remove yolk and put them in a separate bowl

Step 3
Mix together the egg yolk, green onions and miracle whip, I added a dash of salt here too.

Step 4
Spoon or pipe mixture back into the eggs

Step 5
Sprinkle with paprika, keep in fridge until ready to serve

There are many more things you could add to your yolk mixture to dress it up, next time try a teaspoon of dijon!

Family Thoughts 

Everyone loved them, even the kids! I heard a lot of "oh I love deviled eggs, haven't had them in ages", why not bring back an old favourite at your next meal!


  1. Love love love deviled eggs. I can't make them too often though, I'll eat them by the dozen!

  2. I love deviled eggs. Growing up in the south (USA) we make them a little different. Real mayo instead of miracle whip and relish or pickle juice. But always the paprika! I might try your version.

  3. Love deviled eggs. Try mixing in some crumbled bacon and cheese, really good!


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