Crab Wontons

We love wontons! Fun for lunch, a perfect appetizer, and so many options to fill! Here is my recipe for Crab Wontons, stay tuned for even more wonton recipes.

Recipe - Crab Wontons

  • 1 package of wonton wrappers
  • 1 bunch of green onions, washed and chopped
  • 1 8oz brick of cream cheese, softened
  • 1 pkg of imitation crab meat, or 1 can of crab meat
  • Oil for frying

Step 1
If you are using a can of crab meat - drain and flake; if you are using imitation crab meat chop very finely. I actually did mine in the magic bullet as I was going for almost a paste, it worked out well.

Step 2
Mix together crab, cream cheese and green onions.
Alternative: For the kids I did a few with just cream cheese and onion and some with just cream cheese - all are delicious

Step 3
Start a 1-2cm of oil heating in your pan on medium heat

Step 4

Spread out wontons, put a small amount of filling in the middle of each. Do not over fill or they will not close for frying. Wet all for sides with water, fold into a triangle and bring the two corners together

Step 5
When oil is hot, drop 6-8 wontons in the oil at a time, it takes less than a minute on each side for the wontons to brown. When brown on all sides remove from oil and drain on paper towel.

Step 6
Serve hot, on their own or with any number of sauces - chili, sweet and sour, thai, plum

These can be made ahead of time and reheated in the oven, they will get a touch chewy when reheated

Family Thoughts

We loved them all!! So yummy, simple ingredients, easy to make, experiment with flavours!


  1. Oh, those look like so much fun! My family loves the pork/shrimp won tons I make, but these would make a nice change or for a summer picnic.

  2. What a yummy-sounding, easy-to-make appetizer. I will try this for the next get-together!


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