Easy Recipes for the Long Weekend

It's Labour Day weekend here, this is a big weekend for everyone in Canada, just about everything is closed, it's the last big hurrah of summer before (most) of the kids head back to school on the Tuesday and a lot of people celebrate this weekend with a family BBQ, one last camping trip, or maybe a last dip in the pool.  For all these fun get togethers we need yummy food and drinks to share with friends and family, check out a list of some of our favourite, easy to make recipes to host a party or bring a dish to a friend's deck.

EASY Fruit Fly Trap {Tip Tuesday}

The one thing that drives me absolutely CRAZY in the month of August in my kitchen is the Fruit Flies! They seem to come out of nowhere and try to take over our food.

We have a simple way to trap fruit flies within minutes!

How to Trap a Fruit Fly:

  1. Get out a small bowl. I like to use a ramkin.
  2. Fill the bowl with apple cider vinegar.
  3. Put one small drop of dish soap and stir the mixture.
  4. Wait and watch!

Here is my trap that I put out last night and when I looked an hour later, there for 5 fruit flies caught!

Fruit Fly Trap

Snappy Snacks with @EatingaRainbow

We absolutely LOVE the Today I Ate a Rainbow program that encourages healthy eating in children! Kia's tips have helped my son try and succeed in eating healthier foods.

Today, we'd like to share a video of Kia and her daughter Hannah where they share some "Snappy Snacks" - healthy snacks made in a snap. These are some great ideas for after school snack options for when your children come home from school and are HUNGRY after a day full of active learning.

Making School Lunches Fun with Lunch Notes & Jokes {#Printable}

It's getting to be Back to School time again!

If you have school-aged children and you aren't already in Back to School mode, you will be soon! Where we are, we have exactly two more weeks until the first day of school and this Mama is starting to think about getting organized.

What is your most dreaded part about Back to School time?

For me, it is the planning, packing, emptying and cleaning of lunches and lunch bags!

One of the things that I DO get excited about, however, is adding fun surprises into my kids' lunches! I thought I would share a few places that I have found where you can print of fun jokes and notes to put in your childrens' lunches as a fun surprise!

Click on each image to learn how to download your printable lunch notes and jokes!

School Lunch Notes

School Lunch Notes

School Lunch Notes

School Lunch Jokes

School Lunch Notes

Since this year, both of my children will be in school full time, I thought I would make Fridays a bit more fun! A little something for them to look forward to at the end of the week is a good idea, right? I will be making my own chart similar to the printable one below where they can pick what they would like for lunch.

I am not quite ready to have them make their own lunches as it doesn't fit into our schedule (at night or in the morning) in a way that would make it anything less than chaotic, but giving them the ability and option to select their own lunches and to learn the different categories that should be included is a good start. Baby steps, right?

For more Lunch Box Inspirations, feel free to check out our Group Pinterest Board:

Get Your Family Organized and Saving with the NEW @SaveCA

Most families want to save money on their grocery bills and for our Canadian families, there is a one stop place to do this: Save.ca.

Save.ca has everything in one place: Flyers, coupons deals and money-saving tips all on one great website!

You are likely often reading Canadian Moms Cook because you enjoy finding new recipes. Of course, we want you to come back here to check out our recipes whenever you are needing a new idea, but what if we told you that you could find new recipes that go along with coupons and deals at your local grocery stores every single week?

Save.ca has just that in their 5-day Recipe Planner section. They combine food that is on sale (telling you the price AND what store) and share a Money-Saving Recipe to go along with those deals.

Pan Fried Fish

I belong to a lot of cooking groups on Facebook and a question that comes up again and again is how the heck to cook fish. It's very easy and there a lot of ways to do it, I promise it's not scary at all. I think the main problem is knowing when it's done, the answer is really soon than you think! When fish flakes when you take a fork to it, it's done. You can check out our Fish Florentine recipe for one suggestion, and check out below to see how easy it can be to pan fry a piece of fish.

Recipe - Pan Fried Fish

  • white fish - sole, haddock, cod, etc..
  • 1tsp butter
  • 1tsp oil
  • salt and pepper
  • squirt of lemon juice (optional)

Step 1
If the fish is flash frozen and individually wrapped I usually defrost it in the sink filled with cold water to speed along the cooking time, you can start with frozen fish too

Step 2
Pre heat pan to med heat, add butter and oil to pan, let it melt

Step 3
Add your fish to pan and top with a dash of salt and pepper

Step 4
Depending on the thickness of the fish, let cook for approx 4-5 minutes, flip, salt and pepper the other side, let cook for another 3-4 then it's time to decide if it's done or not.

Step 5
Grab a fork or your flipper and try to cut the fish with a little pressure, if it breaks away easily your fish is done, squirt it with a touch of lemon juice if you like and can be served, if not give it another minute or two and try again.  Serve hot and why not try it with our fried rice recipe!

Dredge the fish in flour first to change it up!

Family Thoughts 

Hubby and I love fish cooked any and all ways, one of my guys usually loves fish too, the other won't touch fish unless it's battered and really he's only eating the batter. :)  I like pan fried fish for a change as the edges get a little caramelized and it tastes great!

Hamilton Beach 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Maker

Summer time meals cool treats, right?  And one of the fav summer treats around here is ice cream!

I always thought making ice cream at home was too much work and involved weird stuff like salt, but not with the Hamilton Beach 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Maker!  You can make ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet & more, all with the gel canister that fits easily in freezer and NO salt or any other extras required!

We have been having lots of fun trying this ice cream maker out, using the easy recipes that came with the marker (so helpful!).  We also worked out a recipe for a "Wendy's Frosty" by looking up a few online, this is what we ended up doing..

Wendy's Frosty - Copycat recipe


  • 1/4 tub Cool Whip, thawed
  • 1/4 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1/2 litre chocolate milk

** Change these up to fit your ice cream maker size


Step 1
Add cool whip and sweetened condensed milk to the freezer bowl of your ice cream maker and stir together until smooth

Step 2
Pour in chocolate milk and stir together

Step 3
Turn on your ice cream maker and let it run 30-45 minutes- serve right away - yum!

The boys also loved the simple vanilla ice cream recipe listed in the ice cream maker instruction book.  They kept exclaiming Wow, it tastes like ice cream! haha..  And it does, it tastes perfect and fresh and I love the texture.  It's softer, not like the hard ice cream you might buy in the store, makes for a very yummy dessert or afternoon treat!

After letting the gel canister freeze overnight the boys loved adding the ingredients in the bowl, then we turned on the machine and let it go!  We loved the transparent lid that let us watch what was happening, the boys checked on it every 5 minutes, so fun!  Near the end of your 30-45 minutes you can add mix-ins through the extra-large ingredient opening - maybe m&m's, chocolate chips, skor bits, the possibilities are endless!

Who knew making ice cream at home could be so simple? (and cheap, and fresh, with real ingredients!)
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