Agriculture meets Innovation on Canadian Better Living

This weekend, CTV’s Canadian Better Living program is airing a special on agriculture as told straight from some of Canada’s farmers.  Tune into CTV this Saturday, September 21st at noon to watch highly-acclaimed physician and health advisor, Dr. Marla Shapiro appear as a special guest.

This episode also includes a special report titled, “Where Does Our Food Come From”, where BASF Canada takes you behind the scenes in exploring some common questions that Canadian consumers have for the farmers growing their crops.  These discussions helped to bridge the gap between consumer perceptions and farming realities that many Canadians just don’t get access to every day.

Shot on location at St. Jacob’s Market, host Val Cole interviews BASF Business Director, Scott Kay who discusses BASF’s YouTube series Conversations on Sustainability and how important it is to link the consumer, the farmer, and the technology in between. In this web-series, consumers had the chance to ask their questions to learn more about their food supply and the processes behind it all. See the farms, the farmers, and the machinery in agriculture production. Learn the complete profile of ingredients out there that are being grown in Canada and get the inside scoop on what exactly it is you’re eating.  

Tune in to CTV Saturday at noon to find out where our food comes from with BASF’s Conversations on Sustainability - I think this will be great to start some family discussions at home about what's on the dinner table and how it got there too.

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