DIY Dried Hydrangea Centrepiece {Tips and Tricks Tuesday}

No, this is not a recipe nor a food idea, but good tasting food is often surrounded by beauitful decor, right?

The holiday season is quickly approaching us. Read below for ideas for how to decorate your holiday table!

Now is the time to bring in hydrangea flowers to dry them.

Dried Hydrangeas have many uses!

  • Leave in a vase as a dried arrangement. They will last until next fall. Then toss them out and dry new ones.
  • Cut flower stems short and gently place in your Christmas tree.
  • Place flowers around a grape vine wreath.
  • Tuck among other decorations on a mantle or down the centre of a dining table.
  • They can even be spray painted gold, silver or any other colour.

How to dry Hydrangeas:

  1. Cut the desired length. Remove the leaves gently.
  2. Smash the bottom few inches or slit with scissors. This allows water to be drawn up into the flower efficiently.
  3. Put into a vase with only a couple of inches of water. Just let them sit in the vase for several days until the water is gone.
  4. They need to dry slowly or they will wilt.
TIP for Next Year: If you want the hydrangeas to look greenish with no pink, pick them in September before they start to change colour.


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