Make Carving Your Turkey Easier this Thanksgiving {Tips and Tricks Tuesday}

Picture this....

You've spent all day in the kitchen, preparing a beautiful Thanksgiving meal. It's time to carve the turkey and with the first cut into the turkey, your platter goes flying onto the floor.

No one wants this! If this happened to me, I'd likely cry!

Here is a tip for preventing this from happening...

Today's Tip:

Make Carving Your Turkey Easier

Put a piece of rug hug underneath your platter before carving to prevent the platter from sliding all over the counter.

Small pieces of rug hug can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

If you don't have any on hand, even placing the platter on a towel might make things easier.

Don't know what "rug hug" is?
It's that holey, foamy type material that is used to prevent rugs and carpets from slipping around on hard surfaces.

Extra Rug Hug Tips:
  1. You can use rug hug to prevent plates sliding around on chargers too, directly on the dining room table! You know, the fancy, extra large plates that you can purchase to put underneath your dinner plates? When you go to cut your food, your plate goes slipping off the platter. If you place a small square of rug hug underneath the dinner plate, this won't happen any more.
  2. Rug Hug also helps when you can't open up a jar!

Thanks to my Mom for these great tips!


  1. Love these tips I usually mutilate the turkey

  2. I usually make a mess of the turkey too! These are great tips!

  3. GREAT TIPS, i MAke a huge mess when I do mine, will have to tr4y these tips


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