Tuesday Tip: Opening a stuck jar lid

The other day I got a big (Costco size) jar of roasted red peppers and I could NOT get it open. The problem was the jar lid was too big for my hand size, even with a gripper (I also tried other tricks like running it under hot water, tapping the lid with a spoon, and you know, yelling at it).

So here is a great tip if you simply can not get a new jar open. Grab a bottle opener, insert the point under the lid, use just a little pressure to pull the lid away from the jar and you will break the vacuum seal - this will make it easy to open the jar!


  1. My mother taught me that trick when I was a child. I'm surprised that more people don't use it! It's so simple and involves very little effort. The lids open with ease. :D

  2. My mom taught me to do this with a butter knife

  3. cool thanks for the tip i will be sure to use it as this happens alot


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