Air miles and Groceries

Most people love travelling, with its access to foreign cuisine and new food, but it is seldom cheap. One of the major costs is the flights, which can be a small fortune in and of themselves, depending on
your destination.

Wouldn't it be better then, if there was a way to earn your flights while doing your usual activities such as buying the weekly food? This is something done on a regular basis, so a little reward here and there could go a long way given enough time.

Fortunately, such a programme does exist in Canada, if you know how to make the most out of it.

Air Miles
Air miles are an old concept, originally brought into Canada in the early 1990s. Yet they are still available, so one can easily make advantage of them.

The process is simple: by collecting miles, you can earn discounted or free flights with providers participating in the scheme. Traditionally, this was done through flying itself, making them a frequent flyer scheme which did nothing to help those who can't always afford to fly regularly.

Fortunately, however, things quickly changed.

How to get them
There are many ways to get these points now, but the best method is through shopping. If you get the best air miles credit card you can, these will simply be added up as you shop. It makes no difference to your regular life but adds a small reward for your efforts.

While food and weekly shopping is an easy example, these cards can also be taken to clothing stores and other retail departments. In fact, if you're spending money you can likely collect points, spreading these little bonus miles into various areas of your life.

Given enough time, this can build up to whatever you need. This could take you to Europe, to experience the cultural melting point of cuisine or to Asia with its exotic flavours. In fact, wherever you go, there is something unique waiting to inspire you and, with air miles, this can be done in line with a budget much more easily.

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  1. I used to collect Airmiles but haven't done so in a while. I find it difficult to rack up a substantial amount of points!


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