oogaa Mealtime Set

I have a 10 month old and with 2 older brothers that already passed down plenty of toys, I've been looking at more needs for his gifts this year.  One thing I've been looking at is feeding - my little guy loves to eat and I didn't keep any feeding gear from his older brothers so I've been enjoying learning what's new out there.

One fun product I've found is the oogaa Mealtime Set.  This cute silicone feeding dish and spoon set comes with a 9 oz bowl and two spoons in a fun plane and train design.  Why silicone?  Many reasons - it won't break, doesn't support the growth of mold or bacteria and is microwave and dishwasher safe, perfect!

I was wondering if the spoons being chunkier would be awkward to hold but it's comfortable and we've all been having fun making train and plane noises when we feed the baby. ;-)

I love that oogaa's mission is to eliminate unsafe products in your home by providing durable, affordable wares that surpass the strictest health criteria while reducing the amount we throw away.

A great gift idea for little ones in your life, coming in great colours and the spoons can even be purchased separately - perfect for a stocking!

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  1. I do like these sets, they are nice and colourful and easy for small children to grasp.

  2. Those look so fun!


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