Getting the kids to try new things

One of my guys HATES to try new things, no matter how awesome I tell him it is, no matter if his brothers are eating it or if I try to sneak it on his plate, he just won't do it.

UNTIL, I suggested a taste test!  One thing *most* of the family loves, but this guy refuses to try, it hummus, then today at the grocery store while picking some up, I decided we should have a hummus taste test tonight!  Picking up 3 flavours, I told the kids after school, and they were all over it!!!

Even my picky guy tried each one, declared a favourite, and fingers crossed, will eat it again in the future.

How do you get the kids to try new things??


  1. I always just put a little on a plate, if they ate it they did, if not, maybe next time.

  2. my daughter is sooooo picky and she is only 18 months. i try to give her a little of something that she has not tried before but she never wants it! She just likes to stick to the few things that she knows she likes. But i still keep trying :)

  3. I'm lucky I didn't have too much trouble with my children but I do notice my grandson who is a very picky eater. When he first started eating real food he loved potatoes and bread and very little else. His mum makes him try everything but it's usually only a try and that's it. He now doesn't even like potatoes so it's really tough for her getting him to eat a balanced diet.

  4. I don't have kids but I hear of this all the time! I'm glad to hear they like hummus!


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